DIY Makes Ordinary Days Delicate
Jin Wan Bao Overseas Edition  2016/12/30 17:07:02

There are so many beautiful things that need you create and discover in life. Cooking food as making colorful artworks, DIY home decorations and ornaments, learning flower arrangement with friends… Many people make their ordinary days full of variety.

Colorful Food Amazes WeChat Moments

Zhao Jing who really loves life recently posted a group of colorful food photos in WeChat Moments and amazed people. They all said, "How could these ordinary dumplings, dessert and rice become so delicate? They are not food any more but art works, which people begrudged to eat." In fact, the colorful food was cooked by mixing various vegetable juices and different food materials. Speaking of cooking food by vegetable juices, Zhao Jing said that it was an inspiration.

Zhao Jing rented a vegetable garden in suburb since 2012. Every week, she could bring many fresh vegetables back home, but could not consume them all. In order not to waste them and to keep the nutrition and flavor, Zhao Jing did think a lot. Then she came up with that if cooking flour-made dishes by vegetable juices, not only the nutrition would be kept but also the taste would be improved. So she began to try color mixing by different vegetable juices like spinach, carrot, tomato, purple cabbage, cucumber, red beetroot and celery. With different proportion of water and vegetable juices, she eventually mixed different uneven dark or bright colors.

Flour-made dishes with red and yellow rose color cooked by red beetroot and carrot juices won people's applause. Colorful dumplings of which she obtained the inspiration occasionally even lifted the vegetable-juice-made food to a higher level. One day when she was cooking dumplings at home, the sunshine passed through the glass window and reflected on dumpling wrappers, forming splendid colors that was dazzlingly beautiful. Zhao Jing who is sensitive to colors thought if preparing dough by vegetable juices with different colors, the dumplings would be looked very beautiful. Then she made dough with flour and different vegetable juices by dough-making machine. She took the dough with red beetroot juice as core, covered it with a tier of spinach-dough and a tier of carrot-dough and then added some original dough… Several kinds of dough with different colors finally became colorful dumpling wrappers that attract people's appetite. When Zhao Jing posted her cooking recipe to WeChat Moments, people praised highly of her idea that turns food into art works.

Zhao Jing who had also developed colorful dessert, rice and other delicacies thought that making life better by herself was worth to be proud of.

Decorate Home by Bead String

Speaking of home design, the concept of "less fitment and more decoration" is quite popular. The difference of Qu Wei's home design was that all decorations were made by herself instead of buying ready-made ones.

The "post-85 generation" girl Qu Wei who really loves to make things by herself once watched a video about making simulated crystal balls for household decoration on the Internet by chance. Based on previous handwork experience, she began to study and get prepared to try. She visited many wholesale markets to buy materials and found a bead string stall which had ready-made bead strings for home decoration at last. The stall owner moved by the studious girl was willing to teach her freely and gave her the drawings. Qu was then learning while making and got addicted to it.

From Qu Wei's point of view, arranging home furnishing by herself and making home decorations were full of sense of achievement. From hangings at bedside, tissue box on table to greeting pine decoration on tea table and vase, all of these were made by herself. She also gave her decorations to friends as gift, and people praised that she was a girl who knew the delight of life.

Colorful Room by Flower Arrangement

Shen Jie who loves flowers like others has special affection to flower arrangement art and has learned it through self-study by downloading flower arrangement courses from the Internet and studying it little by little. As time passed, she has obtained the happiness from flower arrangement. Now, she often spends her spare time guiding her friends to study flower arrangement together.

Shen said, "Women love flower no matter of age. When we receive flowers from others, we will feel happy and pleased, and can keep this joyful mental status for days." For over 50-year-old Shen Jie, most of her female friends are able women in workplace who are normally under high pressure due to busy daily work. Therefore, she hoped that her friends could enjoy the happiness and feel relaxed from flower arrangement.

"Every time when I organized the flower arrangement activity, besides letting everyone arrange flowers by themselves, I would also arrange certain interactive activity to share own flower arrangement feelings. After the activity, there were always some of my friends sending message to show their gratitude. Flower arrangement could also make women know that besides work and daily housework, they could do some other things that have delight of life and could improve life taste to enrich themselves." Shen Jie said that every time when she saw her friends holding their flower arrangement works with smile, she would feel excited and pleased. Being a happiness spreader was her biggest wish.

By Ji Wen