Mascots of 2017 National Games of China unveiled
Jin Wan Bao  2017/3/31 15:32:31

The mascots of the National Games to be hosted in Tianjin this September were unveiled recently. The 45 mascots, named “Jinwa” (literally, “Tianjin Dolls”), were designed to represent all the 42 sports of the Games and 3 mass sports. As the National Games is approaching, the mascots will show up in the sites for the sports events and products related to the Games.

Guo Zhenshan, deputy dean of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, also director of the Visual Design Studio of the Games’ organizing committee said that it took half a year to create the series of mascots. The creation centered on precisely depicting the mascots’ gestures with simple drawings. After deep research of every sport, the design team deliberately selected 45 out of about 150 sport gestures. The concise drawings of the gestures make the mascots adorable and the athletes of different sports energetic.

The 13th National Games is committed to inspiring common people to engage in sports and lead a healthy life. To achieve this goal, the Games’ organizing committee plans to create other 10 mascots of mass sports like Tai Chi (traditional Chinese shadowboxing), brisk walking, and rollerblading. Meanwhile, it is working on the design of the mascots to show Tianjin’s folk culture.

By Liu Xinliang, Jin Wan Bao

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