The First Term Students Graduated from the First China Britain Joint Postgraduate Institute
JinWanBao  2017/7/18 16:54:14

Supported by Chinese and British Government and approved by Ministry of Education, Sino-foreign cooperative educationinstitution——Nankai University-GlasgowUnited Institute's first graduation ceremony was held a few days ago in Tianjin. 29 students cultivated by the two universities got master's degree successfully. Named after "Joint Postgraduate Institute", the united institute is the first international postgraduate education institute in China.

The institute was approved in November 2014. In 2015, it began to recruit students and implement postgraduate education. Now it has four majors including international relation, regional economics, environmental management and economy and English language and literature. The students enrolled by the institute will register in both Nankai University and University of Glasgow. Chinese side is in charge of daily student management. Both sides are responsible for education and teaching, undertake 50% teaching quantity each, determineexamination records and participate in thesis supervision, review and oral defense together. After passing courses, students could get academic certificate and diploma of master degree issued by Nankai University and degree of Master of Scienceawarded by University of Glasgow.

British Minister to China Luo Ting highly praised the development achievement of the institute and was full of confidence in its prospect, "The next graduates have been 49 people. United postgraduate institute makes a history of Chinese-British education cooperation and will promote the further development of the two countries' educational field cooperation." As said by president Gong Ke of Nankai University, they will stimulate the reform and development of Nankai University and even Chinese postgraduate education internationalization. At the same time, this will play an important role in reserving international talents.

It is reported that the two universities also signed the cooperation agreement about recruiting international students. They have agreed that they will recruit international students all over the world in 2018. It is estimated that each major will enroll 10 students per year. Education system, management style, training mode and degree awarding are the same with Chinese students'.

By Jiang Shan, JinWanBao