China First Employment Tendency Report of Graduates in the Major of Vocational Education Published
Bohai Morning Post  2017/8/7 16:37:21 and Digital 100 Market Survey headquartered in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) jointly published the first "2017 Employment Tendency Report of Graduates in the Major of Vocational Education" in China recently. The report shows that most of "post-95s" graduates in the major of vocation education prefer online job hunting, believe that the dominant factor of successful employment is the professional skill and are full of hope and confidence for their future career life.

According to the report, career fair, network inquiry, recruitment information published in campus network and career guidance department are several channels ranked among the best through which graduates obtain employment information. Meanwhile, 54.1% graduates prefer the network inquiry, making it the most preferable channel for graduates to obtain employment information. In addition, 59.4% graduates prefer to send their resumes through the network.

As indicated in the report, proactive graduates pay more attention to cultivating social skills, as in their opinions, "professional skill", "excellent comprehensive capacity" and "experience and social practice ability" are three major factors leading to successful employment, wherein "professional skill" becomes the dominant factor. It is worth mentioning that "interview skill", "education background" and "eloquence" have been recognized as major factors impeding successful employment.

By Yu Qiang, Bohai Morning Post