Establish First-Rate Domestic Public Opinion Think Tank Construction Base
Tianjin Public Opinion Research Center Founded
JinWanBao  2017/9/6 13:58:18

Tianjin Public Opinion Research Center was recently founded in Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences. It is understood that the center that is jointly established by Publicity Department of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences is aimed at fully developing the subject advantage of Public Opinion Research Institute of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences; effectively integrating the public opinion research and information talent resources of scientific research institutions, party schools and universities; comprehensively conducting the public opinion research and specialized analysis of major social public opinion events by adopting multiple subjects, approaches and technologies in aspects of national development strategy and major decision implementation, comprehensively deepening reform, ideology construction, cultural construction, people's livelihood, public opinion of special groups, new media development etc.; and providing effective public opinion information support to Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and government for implementing scientific decisions. For its future construction and development, the center will follow the principles of "Four Insisting": insisting on correct political orientation, insisting on scientific theoretical guidance, insisting on distinctive practical features, and insisting on innovative working approaches. The center will strive to establish the first-rate public opinion research and information think tank construction base.

It is reported that the Public Opinion Work and Think Tank Function Research Symposium was held in the same day, inviting more than 80 experts and scholars from the entire country to attend academic communication and discussion. 

By Wu Rui, JinWanBao