New Payment Experience of Bus Ticket
JinWanBao  2017/10/9 13:42:06

How to take a bus without small changes? Tianjin has promoted the mobile payment by collaborating with Alipay to comprehensively launch the mobile payment project "Bus Code" per the requirement of constructing mobile and intelligent city. Currently, "code scanners" have been installed in over 400 operating buses of 16 lines, which have realized the mobile payment function for passengers.

The reporter recently saw a new type card reader on No.8 Bus, which is composed of two parts. The upper part is an ordinary IC card reader while the lower scanner can recognize the Alipay code. After the reporter entered the "public transport" function in "city service" of Alipay, selected "bus code", granted the permission and moved the 2D code close to the scanner, a prompt tone of "payment accepted" was played after one second. It is worth mentioning that as the 2D code will be automatically renewed every minute, passengers need to update their 2D Alipay code before getting on the bus to avoid the payment failure.

So far, 210 buses have installed such devices so as to provide quality and convenient services to the public.

For easy recognition, all buses of 16 lines have attached mobile payment marks on the window close to the bus door. In the future, Tianjin Bus Group will continue installing code scanners and realize the full coverage of downtown by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, Tianjin Bus Group will further explore the NFC payment function and form diversified and convenient payment modes.

By Zhang Miaomiao, JinWanBao