Improvement of Wetland Ecological Environment Attracts Rare Oriental White Storks
JinWanBao  2017/10/10 15:42:53

Photo by Yu Bojun
Photo by Yu Bojun

With the strengthening of ecological protection and further improvement of wetland ecological environment, Qilihai has attracted many species of rare birds for inhabitation and reproduction. Recently, more than ten oriental white storks, the national level protected wild animal, appeared in Qilihai, becoming "distinguished guests" of Qilihai Wetland.

"Previously, oriental white storks would arrive here in October, take a short rest and then continue migrating southward after a few days. This year, these rare birds appeared earlier, which might be related to the improvement of our wetland ecological environment!" According to the introduction of working staff from Qilihai Management Committee, these oriental white storks flew to Qilihai about ten days ago. Sometimes they are flying in the sky, and sometimes they are searching for food, having formed beautiful ecological sceneries.

It is learned that Tianjin is an important place in China for bird migration in spring and autumn, as several millions of migratory birds will temporarily stay in Tianjin every year. Qilihai Wetland with picturesque sceneries already becomes an important habitat for migratory birds.

By Huang Jiangao, JinWanBao