Intelligent City Hi-Tech Products Exhibition Held
Experience the Future in Zhi Qu Carnival
JinWanBao  2017/12/21 17:59:13

2017 (Tianjin) Intelligent City Hi-Tech Products Exhibition and Zhi Qu Carnival was recently held in Global Purchase Commercial Street, Yujiapu, Binhai New Area. The exhibition that integrates commodity display, project matching, science popularization and business negotiation is aimed at boosting the construction of intelligent city and providing a displaying platform and a bridge for industrial connection for Binhai New Area.

In the exhibition, "space bicycle", the fitness equipment for Chinese astronauts, had attracted many visitors. In manned space flight missions, bicycle ergometer, a kind of exercising and protective equipment, is designed to help astronauts maintaining good aerobic working ability which is one of the major design objectives for protecting astronauts from weightlessness physiological effect. In addition to exercise, bicycle ergometer is also an important approach for ground support to know the cardiovascular function status of astronauts.

In the exhibition area of vehicle-mounted Head Up Display (HUD), the windshield-sized vehicle-mounted monitor had attracted many visitors to experience. The HUD monitor can project road condition and driving information onto the entire windshield, which has significantly reduced the driving risk. With 6-inch retina screen and over 120 degree viewing angle, the monitor is able to project clear information no matter under foggy weather, direct sunshine or at night. In addition, this HUD device has implemented online navigation, intelligent voice interaction and Bluetooth phone, which enables the driver to interact with the device by voice.

Customized VR skiing game console for experiencing Olympic Winter Games, virtual dressing mirror controlled by a finger touch and other fine exhibits and on-site interactions with visitors made the public truly feel the novel experience brought by scientific and technological innovation.

By Yue Shan, JinWanBao