Buy Railway Ticket by WeChat Pay
Bohai Morning Post  2017/12/27 15:10:44

It is learned from Railway Department and WeChat that WeChat Pay has been connected with 12306 railway ticket platform since November 23rd. Users can buy tickets from 12306 official website or App by WeChat Pay. Meanwhile, ticket windows and self-service ticket machines in major cities will gradually support WeChat Pay. After Internet meal reservation, cancellation of remote service charge, seamless transfer and online seat booking, this is another handy service for the public promoted by Railway Department.

In 12306 App, user can enter the order page after choosing travel date and train number. After verifying information and submitting the order, user can access to the payment page by clicking "pay", then select "WeChat Pay" to buy tickets. In 12306 official website, user can also buy ticket by WeChat Pay, quite convenient.

In this July, ordering meals by WeChat on the train has been jointly promoted by WeChat and 12306 to provide better experience and service for travelers. Payment modes of buying tickets have been further extended by combining 12306 to WeChat. Users can select convenient payment mode according to their habit. Meanwhile, emergencies including cash-out can also be avoided by the extension of offline payment mode.

Can Wechat Pay be used for paying excess fare? For this customer-concerned question, the staff of railway customer services center said this is currently available in pioneer institutions of Beijing Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Jinan Railway Bureau and Nanchang Railway Bureau.

By Yu Qiang, Bohai Morning Post